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How to Find Bad Credit Student Loans

In this economy, there is more than just a handful of students out there looking for college student loans with bad credit.

Student loans have always been needed for most students to get through college, but with the down turn of the economy and the rough spot most banks have been through in recent events,loans for students with bad credit and no cosigner are becoming harder and harder to find.

It is not impossible though, so don’t give up hope. We have some tips here of where you can go to apply for bad/poor credit loans. If you have been on the lookout for student loans with poor credit, then give these suggestions a try.

  1. Talk to Your School’s Financial Office: The people hired in your school’s financial office are there to help students like you. They have a lot of information about poor credit student loans, and if anyone knows where to apply for poor credit student loans, they will. Keep in mind that you are not by any means the only pupil on campus looking for loans for students with bad credit and no cosigner, so make sure to make an appointment and come prepared when speaking with them.
  2. Contact Your Banking Institution: Most students think they have poor credit because they have a low credit score, but the truth is that most students don’t have bad credit – they have young credit. That is something that can’t be fixed without getting more credit. Your bank knows that. If you need loans with bad credit and are in good standing with your bank (meaning you have no missed or late payments), then contact them and see what they are willing to do for you.
  3. Look Into Federal Loans: If you followed our advice in #1, then you will already know about the federal loan options as that is undoubtedly the first place you will be sent by anyone working in a student aid financial office. There are some great college student loans with poor credit that you can apply for and be easily accepted for. Loans for students with poor credit and no cosigner is exactly what the Stafford and Perkins loans are. If you can’t qualify for them, you will have a hard time qualifying for anything else.
  4. Look For Informative Mailers: The banks know that there is a need for college loans with bad credit. They will be all too ready to let you know all about the bad credit loans they have available, and most of these will come in the mail. So, before you trash all that junk mail, make sure you peruse it to make sure you aren’t throwing away your chance to apply for bad credit student loans.

Now that you know where to look for poor credit loans, we want to make sure you know to tread very carefully when you start down this path.

There can be a lot of danger involved in bad credit student loans if they are not taken and used wisely. Make sure you are ready to take responsibility for your actions if you choose to utilize the opportunities you can get through poor credit loans.

Information About Bad Credit Loans

Bad credit loans can be very helpful to individuals that have had problems with their credit in the past, but many people aren’t exactly sure how bad credit loans work or how to go about getting them.

In many cases, the people who need to be able to apply for bad credit loans the most are the ones who know the least about these loans and the good that they can do. In order to help you to find out whether these loans are right for you and your specific needs, consider the following information and judge for yourself.

Lending and Credit

It is a sad truth that in many cases the people who need to be able to borrow money the most are the ones who have the hardest time getting the loans that they apply for.

People who have had problems making their payments on time in the past and who have done significant damage to their credit report may find it difficult to locate the loans that would help them to get their debt issues under control, since lenders are hesitant to grant loans to those people who have shown themselves unable to pay their commitments back in the past.

Though many lenders would like to grant bad credit loans to the people who need them, they can’t take that risk without some guarantee.


Luckily, a number of lenders are able to offer bad credit loans as a type of secured loan. A secured loan is one that has some item of value serving as a security deposit for it, guaranteeing that the lender will be able to get their money back in one way or another.

By offering secured loans to individuals with bad credit, many lenders who would otherwise have to turn down loan applications from people with bad credit are able to offer much-needed money to people who have no other options.


The interest on a loan is an additional amount that must be paid when borrowing money, and is added on to the total amount that is borrowed each month as a percentage of the amount that is still owed on the loan.

In the case of bad credit loans, the interest rate that is charged is generally higher than it would be for loans issued to individuals with good credit because of the higher risk associated with these loans. By using collateral with a high value, such as the home equity that is often used to secure loans for bad credit, it is often possible to keep these interest rates lower than they would be otherwise.

Finding Lenders

In order to locate lenders who offer bad credit loans, you should take your time and contact a number of banks, finance lenders, and other loan companies in your local area.

Request loan quotes detailing interest rates and monthly payments from each, and then spend a little bit of time searching for lenders online who are willing to work with people that have credit problems as well. Compare the various quotes that you’ve received from all of these lenders, and you should be able to find the best lender for you and the loan that you want.

How to Avoid Bad Credit Loans?

Bad credit loans have a huge impact on the credit score of a debtor, and it takes time before an individual can rebuild his or her credit standing, so as much as possible, rather than finding ways to rebuild a bad credit standing, it is best to avoid getting into bad debts.

While on the part of the creditors, they always suffer the bigger loss. Creditors lose their money and it affects the growth of their lending businesses. Therefore, Bad Credit Loans must be avoided to ensure that both parties will continue to have a good relationship, while maintaining a good balance in the crediting industry. Good payers get higher loans and credit limits, while creditors grow their businesses and can expand their businesses to provide more assistance to people who are in need of loans.

When Bad Credit Loans occur, debtors often point out that they are due to the hidden fees and charges that creditors impose on them, while creditors say that it is due to the inability of the debtor to pay his or her credit, and the non compliance of the debtors to the terms and conditions agreed on, prior to the approval of the loan or credit. Both parties can go on and on passing the blame to each other. The best way to prevent this from happening is to avoid Bad Credit loans, but how?

The best way to avoid bad credit loans is for the creditors to take time to screen all the applicants and make sure that the information that they provided are not fraudulent or questionable. At the same time, creditors should hire professional credit investigators who have the knowledge and technology to carry out the actions of validating not only the identities of the debtor applicants. It would also help a lot if they check on the credit reports of the debtor from all three major credit bureaus. Through this process creditors would be able to tell the integrity of the debtor, by simply looking at all the factors that influenced the credit score.